IPL – Non-Cosmetic Procedures

Intense Pulsed Light treatment is a new procedure that treats a combination of changes caused by premature aging in the skin caused by sun damage (skin pigmentation and facial vessels) as well as rosacea and permanent hair reduction. It is also an effective treatment of acne.

What is IPL – Intense Pulsed Light Treatment?

IPL is a non-invasive medical technology that uses light therapy for permanent hair reduction, eliminating age spots, sun spots, freckles and other unsightly discolourations of the skin, superficial capillaires, port wine stains and other benign vascular lesions. It is also a particularly effective treatment for a high percentage of people with rosacea.

How Does IPL Work

new spectrum 2000 IPLThe treatment is applied by placing a hand-held treatment unit on your skin. This generates an intense pulse of light into the skin which is absorbed by elements with colour in the skin. The IPL also eliminates hair, employing a method known as selective photothermolysis. This involves disabling hair growth mechanisms by raising the temperature of the hair follicle high enough to damage the follicle’s germinative cells without damaging the skin and surrounding surface.

The chromophores include melanin – brown (in pigmented areas) and haemsiderin – red (in blood vessels). Once the photons from the light hit the chromophore, it turns to heat energy, destroying these abnormal areas, but leaving the healthy skin unscathed.

What Can Be Treated With IPL – Intense Pulsed Light Treatment?

Skin Brilliance offers a range of cost effective and professional treatments, including:

  • Permanent Hair Reduction
  • Skin Brilliance offers permanent hair reduction. This means that in most cases the majority of most hair will not return after a short series of treatments. The hair that is going to disappear for good will usually stop growing within this initial course, with any residual hair growth being softer, finer, lighter in colour and regrowing at a dramatically slower rate. This residual hair growth can be left alone, or you can have occasional maintenance treatments.

  • Reduction of pigmented lesions (sun spots)
  • Skin Brilliance offers a treatment to reduce the colour of pigmented lesions caused by sun damage. A doctor’s letter confirming no skin cancers are present is required before commencing treatment. One treatment is often enough to see stunning results, but 2 or 3 at 4 to 6 week intervals may be needed for optimal results. Sun damage typically seen on backs of hands, forearms, decolletage and face will respond well.

  • Reduction of vascular lesions
  • Skin Brilliance offers a treatment which will reduce facial vascular blemishes like the fine thread-like vessels found on cheeks and around the nose. Often at least 4 sessions, 4 to 6 weeks apart, are needed to obtain optimal results. Treatment of the full face is usually performed in stages rather than the whole face in a single session.

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Skin Brilliance offers an anti-aging treatment which will improve skin tone, texture, refine and refresh the skin by increasing the production of collagen in the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles may soften. Often at least 4 sessions are needed approximately 4 weeks apart to obtain optimal results.

  • Acne treatment
  • Skin Brilliance are able to offer an acne management program for clients. Results will vary, but most people will see a significant improvement in skin condition, especially if they combine treatment with appropriate acne skin products. Treatments should be approximately one or two weeks apart.

Who Is Suitable for IPL?

Most people should be suitable for IPL, however your doctor should determine if your condition is suitable for IPL treatments. People with dark skin types are more prone to risks of hypo and hyperpigmentation, and therefore may not be suitable candidates.

Do IPL Treatments Hurt?

You may feel a sharp pinch such as that of a snap of a rubber band, but no local anaesthesia or pain medication is required.

With hair removal, the level of pain reduces each treatment as there is less hair to treat.

With pigmentation treatments, again the level of pain reduces with each treatment as the amount of pigment is reduced.

Are There Any Side Effects from IPL Treatments?

You may experience some short term effects. This may include slight reddening of the skin or local swelling which goes away within a few hours.

Is There Any Downtime or Restrictions on Activity After IPL?

You can return to work the same day and resume all regular activities. Treated areas must be kept protected from the sun for 6 weeks after treatment.

How Many IPL Treatments Are Required

Permanent Hair Reduction – 4 to 6 treatments
Reduction of Pigmented Lesions (sun spots) – 2 treatments
Reduction of Vascular Lesions – up to 4 treatments are recommended
Skin Rejuvenation – 4 to 6 treatments are recommended
Acne – up to 4 treatments

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