Skin Brilliance decided to expand the range of services available to our valued clients to include a suite of anti-aging products and treatments. When it came time to select a cosmetic medical clinic that would complement our business, it was clear from my first meeting with the Southern Cosmetics team that they shared the same high standards as we do and would be a perfect partner!

You will have an initial consultation to discuss & assess your concerns and needs with a Division 1 Cosmetic Injecting Nurse from the Southern Cosmetics Team. After this, you will receive a consultation with a Doctor to receive your initial prescription and then our highly qualified Cosmetic Injecting Nurse will perform the treatment.

All Southern Cosmetics staff are qualified and experienced to inject both commonly used anti-wrinkle injectable products as well as hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers for facial and lip enhancement.

Under the treatment of one of the Southern Cosmetics Team, you can expect the highest level of professional care from our experienced nurses. All our team undergo extensive initial and ongoing professional training. This ensures your treatments are provided using the latest technology and breakthroughs in non surgical techniques allowing us to deliver surgical grade results without the associated problems and recovery times of invasive surgery,

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